Reach your target audience.

email---whiteEmail marketing is the holy grail in most marketing strategies.Our email marketing tool makes it easy to engage your customers, drive sales and promote events, or get people talking about your business.

Just log in via Launchpad, define your audience parameters, select one of hundreds of pre-designed templates (or upload your own, you HTML smarty pants), and create a highly personalized marketing offer.

Within minutes, your email campaign is in the inbox of the prospects you’ve selected — and you get to see the results in real time when you click over to the Launchpad Reporting Center.

  • Send to your CRM list or use Launchpad’s 80+ million unique subscriber database
  • Reporting feature to show who reads, clicks, and forwards your email
  • Automatic spam checker to ensure inbox delivery
  • Tons of predesigned templates where you just simply add your logo and content

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