Reach your target audience.

Why settle for simply emailing your house file when it’s suddenly so easy to reach hot new prospects? Or make do with old-fashioned saturation blasts when precise targeting is a snap?

Automated Email Marketing from V12 Group is the only “do it yourself” email marketing platform that leverages V12 Group’s packed data warehouse of 3.4 billion records to help you create and deliver one-to-one, real-time messages. Just log in via Launchpad, define your audience parameters, select one of hundreds of pre-designed templates (or upload your own, you HTML smarty pants), and create a highly personalized marketing offer.

Within minutes, your email campaign is in the inbox of the prospects you’ve selected — and you get to see the results in real time when you click over to the Launchpad Reporting marketing

Consumer. Business. Auto. Whether you’re geo-targeting local parents, reaching out to business CFOs, or trying to catch fast-moving motorcycle owners, Automated Email Marketing helps you find relevant, receptive new audiences for your offers.

Let our team of programmers do the heavy lifting technology-wise, so you can go back to what you do best: crafting a highly compelling acquisition offer.

Our robust automated email marketing platform includes:

  • 79 million unique subscriber email database
  • Acquisition, and CRM data capabilities
  • 260+ selects to improve targeting including geographics, demographics, specific lifestyle, interests (dog lover, sports fan), and more
  • Reporting feature to show who reads, clicks, and forwards your email
  • Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more
  • Flexibility to add your logo, company colors, etc.
  • Automatic spam checker to ensure inbox delivery
  • Seed list input and suppression options
  • Forward to a friend and social share features and much more